Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Best Limeade - Lime Drink Ever

Wow.  I love fresh fruit drinks.  It all started with the fresh lemonade from Honduras that is unlike anything else I've ever experienced.  Everyone should try at least once in his or her life fresh lemonade or limeade or a you-name-that-fruit drink made in Central America. (Banana milkshakes too, but that's a different story).  Nothing compares here in the US.  This comes so very close.

Skihoney suggested I make this Limeade based on a recipe from here.  It's sometimes called Brazilian Lemonade, but it doesn't use lemons, and I don't think it is from Brazil. But hey, it was really good.  I was able to follow most of what she said, but I made a few changes of my own that I really like.  So I'm sharing.

My Ingredients:

6 Limes (Thin-skinned)
7 Cups of Water
1 1/2 cups of sugar (2 cups if not using agave nectar)
6-7 Tablespoons sweetened condensed milk
2 Tablespoons agave nectar
6-10 ice cubes

Cut the limes. Squeeze the lime juice into a cup and set aside. Put juiced limes into a blender.

Add 5 cups of water to the blender.

Blend until you have a frothy chunky mess.

Pour frothy, chunky lime stuff into strainer or onto a paper towel in a colander.  Let drain into a bowl. You can use whatever you have that will separate the liquid out from the pulp. Let drain for several minutes. Once liquid has mostly drained out you can press the pulp to get out more liquid.

You are left with a pale green liquid shown below.

Add everything else to the blender. Squeezed lime juice, strained juice, sugar, water, sweetened condensed milk, agave, and ice.  (You will have to rinse out the pulp from the blender first).  Remember to only add 2 more cups of water as you have already used 5 cups.  With everything, it filled up my 8 cup blender.

Blend that baby up. You will get a frothy, white-green mixture.  Add as much ice as you see fit.

Serve. Enjoy. Experience.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

You Can Change

With a new year here I thought this was quite relevant and a very powerful talk given by Jeffrey R. Holland in 1980.


My favorite quote:
"You can change anything you want to change, and you can do it very fast. That’s another satanic suckerpunch—that it takes years and years and eons of eternity to repent. It takes exactly as long to repent as it takes you to say, “I’ll change”—and mean it. Of course there will be problems to work out and restitutions to make. You may well spend—indeed you had better spend—the rest of your life proving your repentance by its permanence. But change, growth, renewal, and repentance can come for you as instantaneously as for Alma and the sons of Mosiah."

"If there is one lament I cannot abide—and I hear it from adults as well as students—it is the poor, pitiful, withered cry, “Well, that’s just the way I am.” If you want to talk about discouragement, that phrase is one that discourages me. Though not a swearing man, I am always sorely tempted to try my hand when I hear that. Please spare me your speeches about “That’s just the way I am.” I’ve heard that from too many people who wanted to sin and call it psychology. And I use the word sin again to cover a vast range of habits, some seemingly innocent enough, that nevertheless bring discouragement and doubt and despair."