Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Journal writing is not for me.  I tried it. Once.  At a time when it was the most opportune time to do so.  I look back at my journal now 11 years past and realize I didn't know how or what to write.  I made it through college and even got a decent grade in my Technical Writing class. (My teacher in that class made it onto the Survivor reality TV show.  Random, I know).

I have also realized lately that I know some things.  First, that humility is my greatest quality.  ;)  Second, that I enjoy helping others know things too.  Especially things that can change who you are.  Writing, for me, is a change.  My purpose is that I can inspire change in you and in me.      

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  1. I didn't know you were writing on here again. I will have to check back more often to hear what you have to say. So far, it seems like good stuff. :)