Thursday, December 26, 2013

Winter Running - Running in the Snow and Cold

Skihoney running in the snow at the Up N Over 10k in October 2012.

I always had the mind set that when the snow and cold weather hit, my running frequency and duration would slow to very little to non-existent.  I had a mental block that running outside in the snow and cold would be miserable.  I thought of all the "bad" things I would have to "endure" such as:

Lungs burning
Cold fingers
Cold ears
Runny nose
Cold muscles
Wind chill
Wet feet
Inversion - Bad air
Skihoney staying warm before running the Up N Over 10k in October 2012

Plus, I would have to put on all those warm clothes to run in and that would just weigh me down.  (And it takes so MUCH time to get them on anyway).

But, it's true what those motivational running posters say, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear."

So true.

Here are my keys to winter running, or running in the snow or cold:

-Snow? Yaktraks
-Attitude (Running in general is a very mental activity, more on that in another post)
-Minimize skin exposure - long sleeves, leggings (fitted clothing works best)

It's really that simple.  You shouldn't have to worry about wet and cold feet, cause as you run, your feet get so much blood circulation that they most likely won't get cold.

Only gear missing here were the Yaktraks!
I like the yellow snow marking the half way point.
Now since being in a warmer climate now, I don't get much (any) cold running in.  I miss it sometimes.  What makes the effort to go out worth it in my mind is the little moments I notice.  My breath I can see as I stretch.  The steam rising from my body and the contrast of feeling hot and sweaty and cold at the same time.  The great view at the end (or middle), and the feeling of being able to go where you want to go, no matter what external circumstances may exist.

"There's no such thing as bad weather . . . . "

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